Our Hairdressers


Mr You

Director of Arx Salon

Mr You has devoted nearly 2 decades to the art of hairdressing and the profession has become an essential part of his DNA. He pours his depth and length of experience into his daily work in the salon. He believes that a great cut and the right hair colour is the very foundation of overall appeal, style and image. His hairdressing styles provide clients with relaxing, fuss-free beauty.


Desmond Yap

This 20-year salon and commercial industry veteran is the first choice for clients looking to give their tired tresses a total makeover. The all-rounder has a sharp eye for detail when it comes to managing your hair and its needs. His clients are mainly executives who appreciates his passion and effort that he puts in.

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Kenneth Woo

Leading Hairdresser

He started his career at the age of 20, with his expertise to date. He had won loyal customers who are largely  asian and caucasian following his concise cutting skills combined with fashion forward approach. He creates haircuts that looks chic and glamourous for both men and women.

Zonphia Lee copy

Zophia Lee

A stylish trendsetter in her own right, this creative and snazzy lady has more than 15 years of experience tending to a wide range of hair care needs. She even has her own loyal following of clients from as far as Australia and Indonesia.